How’d you like to ditch the daily grind for a luxurious, all­-inclusive, one­-of­-a­-kind girls getawayon the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Like-­minded sisters. Cozy creative play. Hot guest speakers. And a splash of the country’s finest whiskey.

Sound like your kinda thing? I thought it might.

You’re a passionate woman with a heart of gold – aaaaand maybe a bit of a rebellious side (even if it is closeted.) Your creative fire is usually blazin’ but lately the pressures of everyday life have taken over, and your once-bright light is dimming fast.

As a former teacher, I know how easy it is to forget to connect to that expressive, joyful, and playful part of yourself regularly. I also know how essential it is.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the easiest + most delightful way to get back to that blissful place – is to get away from it all.

  • Scrappin’ your To Do List for a whimsical weekend in one of the nation’s hottest unexplored travel destinations.
  • Luxuriating in a bright, refreshing penthouse loft, complete with some yummy catered meals.
  • Allowing the pressures of everyday life to fall away + open up to fun, fresh experiences. (Think: conscious creative play, jaunts around the city, and conversations that’ll leave you energized + exhilarated.)
  • Finally having time and space to finish that cross-stitch, bust out the long-forgotten knitting needles, or draft that juicy outline for your next (or first) novel.
  • Meeting other amazing women on a similar path – fabulous friends-to-be, brimming with love, encouragement + hard-won wisdom to share.
  • Soaking up insights from a hot, handpicked lineup of speakers on how to live life on your own terms.
  • Leaving with your soul-recharged. Feeling inspired + creatively full

sound like a dream come true?

Well it’s not only a reality, but it’s all happening just mere months from now… and you’re invited!

Introducing: The Inaugural Whiskey & Whimsy Retreat

On April 3-6, 2014, join eight kindred spirits in Lousiville, Kentucky, the city named the #1 U.S. Destination by Lonely Planet… for an unforgettable weekend of whiskey, whimsy, wildhearting + wondrous creative exploration. On the rocks, please.

What is it?

In short? It’s a deliciously fun 3-night adventure where you’ll be sippin’ on spirits while igniting your spirit with a rare lineup of unique events and special guests, that as far as we know, will never be makin’ magic at the same place, at the same time ever again.

Think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience one of America’s most interesting cities, while re-igniting your innate creative fire, indulging in some delicious eats + fine whiskey, as you cozy up to like-minded sisters and hot guest speakers for some reciprocal sharing and learning – all in one gorgeous place.

We’ve got a dreamy lineup of epic events, soulful speakers, plus hours of celebration + creative exploration all mapped out. Oh, and plenty of opportunities for whiskey-sippin’, to boot.

Why whiskey, you ask? As a whiskey connoisseur and your hostess, I’m excited to spend time digging into the metaphor of whiskey and the parallels between creativity + craftsmanship. Just like everybody’s got their own fave whiskey style, each of us will bring our own delicious flavor to the table.

Who is it for?

  • Brazen beauties craving a weekend without an agenda. Please check your Day-Timer at the door, sparklepants, and get ready to reclaim your creative spirit.
  • Unconventional chicks who want to meet other unconventional chicks + learn from some seriously unconventional chicks in an unconventionally cool atmosphere!
  • Whiskey lovers looking to finally tick ‘Epic Bourbon Trail Adventure’ off their bucket list – alongside some of the most untamed, inspiring + world-changing women the world has seen yet.
  • Ladies who have NEVER experienced the oaky, sultry butterscotch delight of whiskey on their tongues and are ready to see what this aqua vitae is all about.
  • Daring Undaunted Divas, the granola + glamor kinda girl who enjoys s’mores just as much as sushi. Shes sweet & sour, leather & lace, dainty & dirty. Sound familiar? You’ll fit right in, peach.
  • And women only this time ‘round. So sorry, gents

Who is it NOT for?

  • Stick-in-the-mud, no fun of any kind, rule-following squares.
  • Women who are content with the status quo.
  • People lookin’ to go all Girls Gone Wild. Crazy party people need not apply.

Where its at

The inaugural Whiskey & Whimsy retreat is being held at the Glassworks Building in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why Louisville? Not only is it the birthplace of bourbon, it’s also an underrated, artistic-haven sizzling with serous sui generis. In fact, it was recently touted “The New Portland.” No joke.

What You’ll Get, Do + Experience (aka: The Deeeelish Details)

You’ll spend your whimsical and whiskey-infused weekend traipsing about Louisville, Kentucky, the wonderfully quirky town known for its billion dollar bourbon industry. You’ll hit up two award-winning distilleries, learn thrilling behind the scenes secrets of whiskey-makin’ and feast on the city’s finest eats.

Back at our home base, we’ll keep the good times rolllin’ with hot guest speakers + rejuvenate our souls with some unbridled creative play. Face and body paint? Check. Soul-stirring conversations in the comfort of our own sister-circle? Check again. And if you’ve got your own stimulating project already in-the-works? Bring it along for the ride, lady!

No matter how you choose to spend your time – this is your retreat.

Drink it alllll up. You’ll leave creatively distilled to perfection and happily shaken (or stirred), guaranteed.

About Your Travel & Accommodations


Fly into Louisville National Airport or caravan if you’re closer. Once you’ve arrived, relax knowing we’ve got the rest. All transportation to off-location events is pre-arranged, so you can be whisked (or whiskey-d?) away without a care.


We’ll keep you well-fed with several lavish meals + tasty goodies, including a cocktail soiree on Thursday night, a scrumptious bite at a darling local cafe along the Bourbon Trail Friday, plus catered lunch Saturday afternoon + dinner at Boubon’s Bistro that evening. We’ll wrap up with a luscious Sunday farewell brunch.

Friday night is on your own, so please be sure pack some spending moolah. You’ll be within a stroll of several Louisville hotspots.


You’ll catch your Z’s in one of two luxury lofts in the exquisite Glassworks Building overlooking the Ohio River.

Each loft is its own unique, bright + colorful creative sanctuary like nothing you’ve seen before. Equipped with a full kitchen + modern appliances, plus quirky, fun accents that would make your hipster cousin swoon. Each loft comfortably sleeps 4 renegade women. (Are you bringing a gal pal along? Let us know + we’ll be sure to place you in same loft.)

And did I mention, each space boasts a stunning view of the Ohio River? ‘Cause yeah. That, too.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the schedule:


You arrive, settle in, and get cozy. Then, mix + mingle with your fun loving cohorts at a cocktail party/tasting event (6pm 8 pm), complete with hors d’oeuvres, before hittin’ the hay.


You’ll wake jazzed + refreshed – and good thing, ‘cause we’ve got an epic adventure planned…

First, treat yourself to your fave not-so-guilty pleasure from the gorgeous spread of bagels, fruit, coffee + tea that awaits you. After you’ve filled up, Mint Julep Tours will swoop us up in their darling 14 passenger van to hit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We’ll romp around the Four Roses distillery – and snag a behind-the-scenes look at the operation and finer points of bourbon distillation up close + personal.

We’ll also enjoy a bite at Wallace Station for lunch. (Heck, if it’s good enough for the Food Network’s Guy Fiere, it’s gotta be somethin’, am I right?)

After our thrilling 8-hour trekk on the trail (don’t worry no hiking is required) we’ll retreat to the luxury loft. You’ll have the evening on your own to take in all intoxicating sights, sounds + spirits (if you desire) of downtown Lousiville – or use your buzzy energy to dig into your own special project.


Today, Whismy meets Wildhearting! Our first guest speaker Sally Hope, leader of the Wildheart Revolution, will host a riveting workshop on how to live life on your own terms + embrace yourself just as you are. Get your questions + notebooks ready for this one, ladies.

Later, you’ll get outta your head + into your body as artist Ren Allen hosts a playful face + body painting workshop designed to open you up to new creative possibilities and get your hands dirty, too.

We’ll also take time to reflect + chat about the craftsmanship of bourbon distillation as a perfect metaphor for creativity and self expression.

Lunch will be catered and delivered right to our doorstep, so we never have leave the cozy cauldron of sisterhood.

That evening, your new posse of strangers-turned-friends will get nice n’ gussied up (or keep it casual whatever you fancy, doll) as we hit Bourbon’s Bistro to enjoy a specialized tasting menu + bourbon flights prepared just for us.

And who knows, perhaps we’ll even stop at the famous Brown Hotel on the way back, just to say we did.


After three incredible, eye- and heart-opening days of creativity, connection + lessons on living life your way, we’ll wrap it all up with a tasty, lip-smackingly delicious Sunday farewell brunch before we split around 1pm.

But never fear, sister: Just like a good whiskey, the weekend’s smooth flavor will long linger in your memory. Promise.

Hot Guest Speakers

Sally Hope, Renegade Life Coach & Leader of the Wildheart Revolution

A former rock star (no, really) who currently hails from breathtaking Montana, Sally Hope is a soulful, spiritual outlaw unafraid to own who she is – like whoa.

A certified life coach who’s a little bit country + a little bit glam, Sally lives Whiskey & Whimsy’s philosophy on the daily. She’s dynamic darling who’s totally down for kickin’ up her cowboy boots for a stiff drink one night – and waking up bright-n-early to hit her yoga mat the next. When it comes to living life your way, one thing’s for sure: Sally’s an expert.

Her most recent brainchild, The Wildheart Revolution, is a radically new and different online group coaching experience where soul(sister)mates meet, manifest like magic + celebrate being just who they are.

I’m thrilled to have Sally on board and can hardly wait to soak up all her wisdom on embracing your individuality at Saturday’s live workshop.

Ren Allen, Body + Face Painter

A makeup artist who’s equally obsessed with jetsetting ‘round the globe and gardening in her own backyard, Ren Allen is in love with making things look pretty – or pretty weird.

Originally self-taught in body paint, Ren is addicted to learning more about the art + keeping her skills current. But perhaps what she’s most passionate about… Sharing her belief that learning about art also means learning about ourselves.

On Saturday afternoon, she’ll spearhead an out-of-this-world workshop where we’ll literally turn ourselves into beautiful, eccentric works of art.

Make a statement or make a mess this is a judgement-free zone.

And Your Hostess, Kerrie Blazek

I’m Kerrie Blazek, pleasure catalyst turned Headmistress of Merrymaking at Whiskey & Whimsy.

I’m a veteran traveller who once spent two full years roadtrippin’ with my dog (and a bottle of Jameson, naturally.) Therefore, I know a thing or two about adventures. As a former science teacher + curriculum specialist with plenty of experience planning field trips, week long summer workshops for teachers, and co-hosting conferences for over 500 peeps, you’re in good hands.

I also know a thing or two about whiskey. While it was always my favorite drink it’s complex, interesting, and multi-faceted like me – I proved my dedication to the spirit by earning an 8-hour certificate from the Bourbon Academy in 2013. Yes, you read that right. I have an education in whiskey.

I’m a hodgepodge of spiritual and salty, and pretty damn hard to pigeonhole. And if that sounds familiar… then Whiskey & Whimsy was custom created for you, doll.

W&W’s mission to provide women like you with the freedom + space to become the most delicious, fully expressed version of yourself. Whether it’s through playful co-ed live events in Chicago (my home base) or thrilling retreats in fantastical locales, it’s a much-needed outlet for unconventional people to play and unleash all the different parts of themselves through exploration + the craftsmanship of whiskey.

Plus, I’ll be hangin’ with you ladies all weekend and ensuring all your needs are met. One part den mother, one part fairy godmother. Don’t worry ‘bout a thing.


There is simply no one on this sweet orb called earth, that I think is better equipped to guide this retreat than Kerrie. She is a powerful woman with a powerful thirst for fun and meaning. Killer combo.

- Tanya Geisler, Clarity Coach + Speaker |

You in?

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